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Useful Information

Hello everyone and a warm welcome to my website SwissPilgrim.com

My name is Matthew and I am a christian pilgrim from Switzerland. Please keep reading and discover more about SwissPilgrim.com

What is SwissPilgrim.com?

SwissPilgrim.com the e-commerce website where to buy handmade knotted komboskini and rosary. I usually attend some selected events to sell my komboskini and rosary. People always ask me how to buy more during the year, SwissPilgrim.com is the answer to allow you to be able to buy year around. The choosen items will be then sent to you in a bubbles wrap envelop with the SwissPost services.

How the Komboskini and Rosary are made?

I follow the old tradition of the Fathers by preparing myself before starting to knot with prayers. During the work I will keep praying. I might listen to religious chants or liturgy as I keep working depending on how long the work will be. In front of me there will always be an icon of he Mother of God with a lamp oil burning. Sometimes in the praying moment I might burn some holy incense. As I might work in various location,  some modifications might be required, i.e. I cannot burn incense in hotels for obvious reason, etc

Komboskini and the Jesus prayer

Christians have been praying the Jesus prayer since Saint Anthony the Great in the Scetes desert. To help them counting the prayers a rope was created with a knot made by 7 knots thar form 7 crosses to avoid any attack of the devil. Komboskini started to be made by beads when a monk from Mount Athos unable to make the knotts ask for help to the Mother of God.  Keep praying the Mother of God for help she appeared to the monk and gave him permission to do so using beads as an alternative. The Jesus prayer has been in use for centuries in the Orthodox Churches and tireless prayed by monks and secular. Today the Jesus Prayer is coming back stronger than ever and it has attracted a growing interest in the west since the book:" The way of a Pilgrim".

The Catholic Rosary

The Catholic Rosary started with Saint Dominic during a vision of the Our Lady. Not everyone agree with this version. The misteries with meditation were later added. Whoever is right what is important for me is to please the Mother of God by praying it as she requested over and over in visions over the centuries. If prayed with the 15 misteries it is the most powerful exorcism someone can do after the Holy Mass. Many graces are linked to the rosary and many promises were made by Our Lady to whom pray it with devotion.

Why do I make Komboskini and Catholic rosary?

For the glory of God. Someone praying Jesus and the Mother of God is a brother to me. Each one with his own tradition. God listen to all prayers.

Can I place an order for a Komboskini or a Rosary with the material I see in the website?

Yes you can, just make your request with all details and I will make the best to make it real. Depending on the request and the material needed. Sometimes some material or design is finished and I am unable to get the same one. I will then contact you with options. You will always be the one to make the final decision.

How do you ship orders?

I use the SwissPost national and international services.

What about your prices?

Prices are made based on the material. Quality of wood, quantity of wood, metals, crosses used and so on. All prices are in Swiss Francs CHF and the final prices with shipment fee is for delivery in Switzerland only.

I like your products but I am not a resident of Switzerland, can I place an order?

Yes you can. The price of the product will be based as 1.-CHF = 1.-€uro. Prices for shipment depend on the destination and delivery option choosed by the client. Your order MUST be sent by email including quantity and product code. I will confirm your order by email with a link to make the payment. When payment is done your order will be ship.

Can I place a quantity order?

Yes you can. Please keep in mind I am not a machine and not everyday is possible for me to knot due to my spiritual combat. Sometimes I am exhausted. Being able to knotting is at the grace of the Mother of God.

I have a shop can I sell your products?

Yes you can, but only at my own decision based on the fact that your business can be linked to my way of work. Keep in mind I can't make big quantities.

What about payments?

All payments are made by PayPal, or e-banking to my account directly to Raiffeisen Bank Switzerland. For shops and reseller different conditions apply.

Any other question or doubt?

Please feel free to contact me.